Monday, August 17, 2009

From: Fidelity Investments International ( London ) SCAM

Well written scam.
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Partnership Investment
From: Fidelity Investments
International ( London )
Oakhill house,130 Tonbridge,
Hildenborough.Kent TN119DZ,
United Kingdom

I am a Fund Manager with Fidelity Investment UK. The world largest funds
management company with over $1.2 Trillion Capital Investment Funds. As a
manager, I handle all our Investor's Capital Project Funds that enables me
divert 1.2% Investors Excess Return Capital Funds to our Magellan Trust
Account whereby anyone can be presented to claim the funds. I have more than
158 Corporate Investors attached to my PORTFOLIO whose Capital
Investment Funds
are been managed and administered by me. This Capital Investment Funds has a
value of US$244Billion FIXED. The $244billion is been used for trading
in Stock
Market, Crude Oil and Lending
with Profit Returns. Every Year, each Corporate Investor is expected
to receive
20% interest from his total Investment Capital Funds which is paid to the
Investor annually as their Excess Maximum Return Capital Profit (EMRCP)
However, I made average of 21.2% from the Investor's Investment Capital
annuallywhich have exceeded our targeted 20% of total Investment
Capital Funds.
On this note, the extra 1.2% from the
21.2% is been retained by me as my personal profits for managing the Capital
Investment. In the other hands, I cannot claim this funds without presenting
someone to stand as an Investor otherwise our Establishment will convert the
funds into the Company's Treasury.. This is why am establishing a personal
contact with you to pull
this through.
In view of the above, the total sum of US$60.5M has been diverted
the 1.2% Excess Return Capital Funds from the Investor Capital Project Funds
for 2007/2008. I need a reliable and trustworthy person that can work
this deal
out with me so that we can claim the funds as mentioned above.
There is no risk attached and the funds in question can never be dictated or
traced. Having established this communication, If you can be trusted,
you would
then stand in as an Investor to receive the funds as Annual Investment
from Fidelity Magellan Capital Funds. I have determined to work this deal
you if you can do the business. At the moment, I'm compelled not to issue
details about this business until your
positive response is received.I am counting on your sense of
it is my desire that you keep this business to yourself.
Anticipating hearing from you. reply to my confidential email :
Warmest Regards,
Mr. Desmond Owen.
Funds Manager of Fidelity
Investment International.

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